These powerful transformational rituals are a well balanced mixture of spiritual and musical elements of Santo Daime and Umbanda combined with bio-energetic and shamanic practices. Live music, energy-, body-, and breath-work, active mediations, dance and celebration are integral parts of these spiritual events. Besides this there will many moments of silence and just ‘do’ nothing.

For several years these events were also organised in Germany, Ireland and Spain but at the moment we just have events in Brazil. There is only space for a limited amount of participants and you need to make a reservation. Places will be reserved by first come first served.

In these spiritual events we will work with bio-energetic and shamanic practices, several active and silent meditation techniques, dancing and singing. We will start from our bodies by triggering its natural capacity of pulsating, streaming and vibrating. Through psychosomatic awareness exercises, active meditations and ritual we get more alive, mentally cleaner and more present.

During the events we will drink quite some Daime (ayahuasca) to get you deep into your self and now and then we will sing to guide you through your process. We finish the events with a sharing session.

Be aware that in these spiritual events you are explicitly meant to work actively on yourself. If you are searching for a ritual where you just want to ‘lay back’, these events are not for you. We expect the participants to have an active and self focused attitude during the ceremony. Only then can you get the best as possible benefits and results.

The structure

The event starts the first evening around 18.00h with a smooth start and medium doses of Daime. We will work until around midnight.

The second day will be a day of deep spiritual work and good amounts of strong Daime. We start around noon and we will finish around 10:00pm.

On the third day the ceremony starts around 10.00 am and with a good amount of Daime (if you want). Slowly we will calm down during the day and we finish late afternoon. After dinner we will have a final sharing session. Around 22.00h all should be finished. In most cases everybody is able to travel, but we recommend to stay until next morning. Breakfast will be served.

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Spiritual events with Daime

June 2021 is our next retreat

9-day in the Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil